Science Week - Favorite Books!

This week is Science Week of at Teaching Blog Addict, so I thought I'd participate in today's event: favorite science books.
 I love the Kids Discover magazines! A couple years ago my team spent some of our textbook money and purchased a couple class sets of different science and social studies magazines.

These maganizes are great and full of important information that will help you teach your science curriculum. Here are a couple of the magazines we bought:

 Join us this week as we celebrate Science Week!

Science Week

(And... make sure to join us on Friday for the Friday Giveaway! I'll be giving away a copy of my brand new Physical and Chemical Change Resource Pack... check it out at my TpT store.)


A Middle School Survival Guide said...

Great call! I LOVE Kids Discover. Class sets and teacher guides/activity guides are greeeeeat! I had a subscription from about second or third grade through high school and have all the magazines as a reference in my classroom since I started teaching. It makes me sad that some of them are getting a little beat up these days...

Can't wait to see your freebie on friday! I am teaching physical and chemical changes this week!

Tamara L. Chilver said...

These are what I use for my science curriculum for upper elementary and middle school for homeschooling. Just love these!

Teaching Blog Addict
♥Teaching with TLC

Holly said...

Thanks Natalie Kay! These Discover Kids Magazines looks great! (As does your Physical and Chemical Change Resource Pack.) PS-My niece Kaley was in your class last year and she think you're fabulous!

stephan829 said...

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