Management Monday-Positive Postcards

About once a month I choose a student to receive the "positive postcard".  I actually mail a postcard to their house!  They love receiving mail from their teacher. Their parents especially love's sure nice to know that their child is succeeding.

{click the picture for the downloads of front of postcard}

{Click the picture below to download the back of the postcard} 

A fellow follower of our blog (Priscilla) shared a great way to buy postcards too (designed by you) on! I actually printed my own wedding thank you's (with the help of Air) and sent them out!  A lot of things are FREE and you just pay really overpriced shipping. :)

I always keep record anytime I send a postcard. I actually keep record of any behavioral problems AND successes that I have in my classroom. I keep them in a binder like this:

You can download the cover of this binder by clicking {HERE}

The binder has tabs with each students name on it.  I keep this sheet in their tab, along with an informational sheet (parents contact info, student allergy info, etc).

{click the picture for the download}


Priscilla said...

You can order free postcards from vista print. They are really cute! I like your idea too! Thanks for sharing

Ms. Wiley said...

this is amazing!! Thank you so much! I currently have a folder with something similar, but no where near as organized. I can't wait to get into work tomorrow to make this little handy dandy binder!!!

First Grade Serenade

Mrs. Thiessen said...

AWW! My firsties would LOVE to get a postcard. I must start sending those home. It will make their day.



Chrissy said...

My students like to receive email--lol! I should send something by snail mail as an object lesson! :-)


Fran Kramer said...

This is so much better than a sticker! I love this idea and I can't wait to use it. Every young child adores getting mail and this is such a great communication tool. Thanks so much for the clever idea!

Teach said...

Hey...big fan here! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas. I am doing my first give away on my blog.
Thanks in advance for checking it out:)

D and K said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I use so much of what you share! Thank you :)

Jennifer Jones said...

I'm a font nut and been looking for the font you used to create the cute postcard for parent communication...can you tell me how to download for free or purchase this font?

hcarp said...

love the ideas. writing is a subject that is hard to find ideas on. Thanks

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abcya said...

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