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I asked a friend of mine to do a post about how she uses yoga in her classroom.  Here is what she said:

Hey eveyone, my name is Malarie but my students call me Mrs. Matsuda.  I teach 2nd grade at a k-12 charter school in Utah.  While attending college, I started practicing Kindalini Yoga.  After committing to a steady practice, I began to experience many positive changes in all aspects of my life.  That is what led me down the path as a children's yoga teacher and eventually incorporating yoga into my daily classroom routine.

The expert in Children's Yoga is a mentor of mine.  Her name is Shakta Kaur Khalsa and she has published several books, CDs, and a DVD on children and women's yoga.  She also does trainings and certification courses all around the world.  Her website has a great link with tips on teaching children's yoga, as well as a store where you can purchase her fabulous products.    
I highly recommend her book "Fly Like a Butterfly".  This book has fabulous yoga adventure stories to get you started teaching yoga to your little ones.  It is great for people of all levels of yoga experience.
The songs on her albums "Happy" and "Cozy" have yoga movements that go along with the positive lyrics.  You can learn all of the motions to the songs on her DVD, "Yoga in Motion".  The movements that go with the songs have positive physical effects on the body and mind.  My students absolutely love the songs and movements that go with them.

I also use her "Yoga Warriors Cards" and they are used in one of my centers.  They cards are special because they are geared toward boys and most children's yoga product are kind of girlie.

You may be thinking this is going to be really expensive.  How about sharing them with another teacher and splitting the cost?  What about using team supply/text book money to purchase for your whole grade level to share?  Or, ask your principal!  He/she may have money to purchase some of the resources for the whole school!


Rachelle said...


I'm truly inspired by you! I just bought the DVD and the 2 CDs!!!! I'm so excited to start this in my classroom (and don't forget that in June I want you to come to my school and teach the 1st graders)!
Thanks for you AWESOME post!

lovetwoteach said...

I am a RYT Yoga Teacher and do few things with my kiddo's. If everyone practiced yoga we wold have world peace. Problem sovled!


Rachelle said... should for sure do a blog post about it! I'm just starting it and I am really nervous!

lovetwoteach said...

Don't be nervous! I may just have to write about it. I actually went to training with Shakta Kaur Khalsa. Her book for Women and Yoga is great. You will be fine. I think one of the biggest issues with our kids today is that they don't know how to relax and just enjoy quiet. You will see amazing results.

Ms.M said...

I LOVE Yoga. I actualy practice Vinyasa "Flow" Yoga. My best friend is an instructor so o get lessons from her. Truthfuly if I go too long with out yoga I get cranky and short tempered. Yoga gives me sometime to relax, set everything that's happened in the day aside and just concentrate on how I'm feeling. The best part for me is that I get the best ideas during my sessions.

As I'm sure you already know kids are natural yoginies. I think it's great to incorporate yoga into your classes. Should be very benificial for them. Thank you for this wonderful post.

Ms. M

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