Management Monday!

Do you ever walk into other teachers' classrooms and see something you like and steal their idea?  I do it all of the time (with permission of that teacher).  Well, when I first started teaching I walked into my mentor teacher's classroom and saw this next fabulous management idea (Thanks Jessica)!

I put an absent folder on my absent student's desk.  The students at their table will make sure they get all of the work we do that day put in their folder.  I do check their folder at the end of the day and make sure there are not tests or activities that can only be done whole class. Then, when that student returns the next day, they put their folder in their backpack.  The instructions to the parents are on the folder. 

Just download the absent folder cover, glue onto a folder, and laminate.  I make about 15 of these (they do get lost a lot).

This just in! I made this one as a request to one of our readers! Download both {HERE}

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