A Valentine for my Valentine

After you look at this post, make sure you head over to ABC and 123 {love this blog}! I was a guest writer on their blog and I posted about graphing with food!  Check it out!
Whether you are looking for a Valentine to give to your students, your child's teacher, or the love of your life- here is where you can get some inspiration!

You're a great "catch"!
{with Swedish fish and gummy worms}

{Click the picture below to download the tag}

"Hogs" and Kisses for my teacher! 
"Hogs" and Kisses for you!
{With a heart pig and Hershey's Kisses}

{Click on the picture below for both of the tags}


You're one in a "melon"!
{with Sour Patch Watermelon}

{Click the picture below for the tag}


You're just "write" for me!
{with a pencil}

{Click the picture below for the tag}

Which one is your favorite?   
 Inspiration for "Hogs" and Kisses from www.proteacher.net
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