Management Monday!

Sub plans. Those 2 words make my body cringe.  I hate making them and preparing all of the items. I really loathe it. I absolutely, most positively HATE making sub plans.  BUT, I have found something that works for me and keeps everything organized for my substitute.
It's called a SUB TUB.
Inside of this tub I put all of the necessities for the day. 

Obviously everything you have planned for your sub won't fit inside of this tub. I actually set out everything for the lessons on my desk with sticky notes that label each of the supplies.

When I'm not using the sub tub, it sits by my desk where my teammates know where to access it.  It holds my emergency sub plans.
Items to put in the sub tub:
  • Bandaids
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Office passes
  • Lesson plan supplies (books, scissors, etc)
  • Sticky notes
  • Substitute Binder

The most important thing in the tub is my substitute binder. The tabs in my binder are:
  • Welcome letter (this letter welcomes the substitute and lists helpful people and students)
  • Class list 
  • Schedule (these are the main pages the sub will refer to)
  • Lesson Plans (these are detailed plans for things like math and writing)
  • School Procedures (lunch room procedure, map of the school, important contacts, fire drill)
  • Class Procedures (sharpening pencils, bathroom, transitions)
  • Behavior Management (positive reinforcements, consequences)
  • Comments (the substitute can leave comments for me to see the next day)

The best tip for writing sub plans are to:  WRITE THE PLANS AS IF YOUR SUBSTITUTE HAS NEVER BEEN IN any CLASSROOM BEFORE!  Even have someone read over them for you to make sure you are clear.  I am VERY specific. Click Here for an example of my schedule in my sub plans and click Here for an example of a math lesson plan (you might want to print this lesson for place value).  When you read them, try not to judge me. I'm pretty obsessive compulsive. {haha} ;)

{click here for a couple of downloads I made just for you and your sub plans}

 What are your thoughts about sub plans 
(as a teacher or a sub)?

Want/need more ways to organize. 
Check out this product:

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