Valentine's Day Word-O

Do you love Word-O?  It's just like BINGO, but with word wall words!  I have my students write 9 words from the word wall (they can be ANY words from there as long as they are different).  I call out one word from the wall and any student with that word on their board can cover it up with a candy heart (I write the word on the board after everyone checks their wordo-o sheet to keep track.  When they get 3 in a row they yell out "I love you" {hahaha} and get to eat their candy hearts (they have to read to me the words that they got 3 in a row)!  Here is what it looks like:
The instructions are included in this. I also included a B&W and color copy. And guess what?  It's a free download, as always! Do yo love it? Let me know!

{Click the picture below for the game}

Natalie (my blog partner in crime) wanted to do a fraction activity with this mat and she wanted some changes made. Since I just adore her...I made "Heart-O". Basically it's a blank slate and you can do whatever you want with it.  Maybe Natalie can comment below and let us know what she plans to do with her 5th grade class?  I just don't know anything about 5th grade curriculum (I love teaching 1st a little tooooo much).  Click HERE for the Heart-O.
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