Spelling homework/practice

I send this sheet home in my students' homework folders so they can practice their spelling words without getting bored!  They must pick 2 each week and complete the activities. You could use it in centers!

{Click picture for the download}

Then, during the week, we play some spelling games to practice our words.  Here are some of my favorites:
  • Sparkle- Students stand in a circle and the teacher tells them a word to spell.  One student starts and says the first letter of the word. Go around in the circle until the last letter is spelled.  The next person says the word and the next person is "sparkle" (basically they are out and the students get to sparkly them down by whispering sparkle and waving them down) and that means they sit and are out (believe me, they don't get that sad).  If a student doesn't know the next letter in the word, he/she is sparkled.  
  • Spell check-  Divide the class into 4 groups.  Pick on student from one of the groups to be the "Spell Checker". They go out into the hall and wait.  Then the teacher picks one student from each group to be "Writers". The teacher tells them what word to write and all 4 write it on the board in their best handwriting.  The "Spell Checker" comes back into the classroom and picks the one on the board that is in the best handwriting {and of course spelled correctly} by putting a check mark above it.  Whoever wrote that word that was picked gets a point for their team.  The winner gets to be the "Spell Checker" next.
  • Spelling Exercise- While spelling each word, you do an exercise movement!
  • Around the world- You know how that works, right? It's like sparkle but no one is out!
  • Spelling Karate- It's the same as "Spelling Exercise", but do it with karate moves!
  • Hidden words- Hide the spelling words around the room on index cards (I like to use themed clipart like mittens, Christmas trees, snowmen, hearts, etc). Have the students find them and write them down.
  • Have you tried my favorite website to practice spelling.....???.... www.spellingcity.com
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