Management Monday!

Well...I made it through our first day back after Christmas break.  I really did miss my 1st graders!  But I don't miss waking up at 6am again!

My Management Monday tip is inspired by my mentor teacher during my student teaching, the teachers at Pro Teacher, and by Sarah at First Grader at Last.

What do we do to prepare to go into the hall each time?  We do a line up CHANT (or song)! I was getting bored of my chants (and so were my kiddos), but now we are refreshed with new chants! My kiddos love them and they really like the Wiggle song (to the tune of Tiny Tim)...thanks Sarah!  I compiled all of the chants/songs into one book! Then, I laminated and bound it together so I could easily access it when my students line up! :) Not only does it help their behavior in line, you can also work on rhyming words, memorizing, and fluency! And to think you can do all of that while waiting in line!?!

 Here is a sample from my line up chants book..
 Download the book here

 I have my chants hanging right next to my door!
I just got this one in my inbox. Kaya sent me this one:

Eyes straight
Stand tall
Here we go
Down the hall!

My arms are folded.
I do not talk.
I look straight ahead.
I’m ready to walk!

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