Spelling 2

I loved Rachelle's previous post about spelling, and thought I would add some ideas...
-Take a practice test with a parent and have them grade it. 
-Rainbow Spelling:  Write your words 3 times each tracing over your words with 3 different colors.
-Divide each spelling word into syllables.
-Illustrate your words, write your spelling word under each picture.
-I Spy:  Draw a picture and hide your words inside.
-Write your words as many times as there are syllables.
-Write your words in ABC order 3 times each.
-Write your words in order from longest word to shortest word and then shortest word to longest.
·                      -Write each word 6 times in cursive.
            - Type each word 6 times each on a computer. 
-Make a mobile that displays all of your spelling words.  Be creative.  Each piece of your mobile should have your word and an illustration.
 -Use graph paper or the website www.puzzlemaker.com to create a word search using all of your spelling words.
·                      -Write the words that are difficult for you on index cards and hang them in a spot you will see them  frequently. 

Below is a note I made towards the beginning of the year. I had some students who were getting low scores on their spelling tests each Friday and I knew they were capable of doing better. I sent this note home to parents letting them know their student needed improvement. It also offered strategies and asked parents to help me identify ways to help them be successful.

Spelling Notice: 
(Click image for a download)
P.S. Does anyone have a spelling program they LOVE? My school/team has used Literacy Place, Words Their Way, and now we're using Rigby. I have liked and hated aspects of each. I would love to know what you use!!
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