Penguin Pie!

Thank you to my 1st grade team for this awesome idea!

Have you ever had a PENGUIN PIE?  No?  Why not?  Have you ever had a Dilly Bar before? No?!? Maybe you're just not familiar with that's a vanilla ice cream bar with chocolate on the outside! It's definitely not just an ice cream bar though.....IT'S A PENGUIN PIE!   It looks like this:

Obviously because it looks JUST. LIKE. A. PENGUIN.
Here in my classroom, we love Penguin Pie. We even get to eat one during penguin week!  Here is how it works:
*Buy enough penguin pies so that all of your students can have one.  On the recording sheet, have the students predict how many bites they think they can eat their penguin pie in (write in crayon).  Then, together as a class brainstorm the similes on the recording sheet. When you're all done.....EAT THE PENGUIN PIE! But, don't forget to count how many bites it takes you (write in crayon on #7).  If you don't have a wonderful Dairy Queen nearby, feel free to stop at any grocery story and get the ice cream bars there! But they will look more likes this:

Click the picture below to download!

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