Valentine's Day Math Explosion!

I was just going to post my printable of "Graphing with Candy Hearts" because it's a tradition to do in every class, right?  Instead, I had an EXPLOSION of ideas and just kept making more and more.  I found tons of ideas at but really, most of the activities I did as a child in elementary.  Who played Valentines Battleship as a kiddo?  {F.U.N.}  I had almost forgotten how to play, but with a quick refresher from my husband (he LOVES anything to do with ships, cars, muscles, GUY STUFF), I was on board!  With candy hearts and a partner, your kiddos can have a blast!  It looks like this:

I didn't stop at Valentines Battleship!  Check out ALL of the fun games from my childhood that you can use in your classroom!

{Click the picture for the download ALL of the math activities-Free ;)}

Here is the same Candy Heart graph that is in packet, but this one has the color blue instead of white (it just depends on what brand you buy, usually the boxes have white and the bags have blue)

Clipart and/or fonts copyright DJ Inkers. Used with permission.
What was your favorite Valentine's Day game (math or not)?
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