Management Monday!

Well...I made it through our first day back after Christmas break.  I really did miss my 1st graders!  But I don't miss waking up at 6am again!

My Management Monday tip is inspired by my mentor teacher during my student teaching, the teachers at Pro Teacher, and by Sarah at First Grader at Last.

What do we do to prepare to go into the hall each time?  We do a line up CHANT (or song)! I was getting bored of my chants (and so were my kiddos), but now we are refreshed with new chants! My kiddos love them and they really like the Wiggle song (to the tune of Tiny Tim)...thanks Sarah!  I compiled all of the chants/songs into one book! Then, I laminated and bound it together so I could easily access it when my students line up! :) Not only does it help their behavior in line, you can also work on rhyming words, memorizing, and fluency! And to think you can do all of that while waiting in line!?!

 Here is a sample from my line up chants book..
 Download the book here

 I have my chants hanging right next to my door!
I just got this one in my inbox. Kaya sent me this one:

Eyes straight
Stand tall
Here we go
Down the hall!

My arms are folded.
I do not talk.
I look straight ahead.
I’m ready to walk!


Ashley said...

Cute! My mom uses one of those chants in her classroom too! I don't have any that I use..being in second grade they think the songs/chants aren't very "cool". I love to watch the younger classes though!

Kim said...

I love these so much better than the boring one I use:
My hands are by my side.
I'm standing straight and tall.
Eyes ahead, mouth is closed,
I am ready for the hall.

Yuk! So sick of that one. Thanks for sharing!

Katie Smith said...

I love yours! I am so glad you showed the book of chants by the door! what a clever idea...I need to make one now!
This is the only one I know...

To Gilligans Island...
My hands are locked behind my back
I'm standing straight and tall
My eyes are looking straight ahead
I'm ready for the hall
Ready For the Hall!

salley said...

Great chants! I had the same one kmsaylor had. It's nice to be able to update. Thanks!

Ms.M said...

I use the tune of The Farmer in the Dell... but I changed the words so it goes like this...

It's time to line up right now.
It's time to line up right now.
Let's clean up our tools and get in line.
It's time to line up right now.

Hokey but it works.

Ms. M

Natalie Kay said...

Very cute!! When I did my student teaching in 1st grade my mentor teacher had some cute ones, but that was 5 years ago now and I can't remember any. Thanks for sharing yours!

Kathleen said...

Will you post the tunes of some of the songs? Maybe I'm just tired, but I can't figure some out!!

Rachelle said...

Most of my chants don't really have tunes! You kind of make up the beat as you do it! :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog! I have taught other grades, but this is my first year teaching 1st. I am always looking for ideas and love everything I have read here so far. I would love to download your chants, but can't seem to get it to print. It will open as a google doc, but not print. Any tips?
Thanks for sharing! Jamie

Amber said...

I have a cadence that my K students love:

Lining up is easy to do (students repeat)
When you take care of only you (students repeat)
Feet together, hands by side,
We've got spirit, we've got pride

Sound off (students say: 1, 2)
Sing it again (students say: 3,4)
One more time....1,2,3,4 Out the door!
(I have them whisper "out the door")

Anonymous said...

I use this one to the tune of If You Are Happy and You Know It:
If you're ready to go to lunch(or where ever you are going)
Show me now! "sh" sh"
If you're ready to go to lunch
Show me now! (The kids say "sh" "sh")
If you're ready to go to lunch, show me now, if you're to go to lunch, show me now.."sh, sh"

Tammy said...

I would love some help with an ocean theme I am doing. Your chants will come in handy for my Pre=k class; I love them. Thank you!! Tammy

Sheila said...

I'm trying to download your chant book, but Scribd won't let me without either uploading my own document or paying a fee. Is there anyway to get around that? Thanks so much for posting this very cute booklet. I'm always struggling with getting the kids to line up correctly and am tired of my one chant. Thanks!! Sheila

Anonymous said...

Cute! In a classroom I work at they use this:

My hands are tight behind my back
I'm standing very tall.
My eyes are looking straight ahead
I'm ready for the hall.

Anonymous said...

My hands are hanging by my side,
I'm standing very tall.
My eyes are looking straight ahead,
I'm ready for the hall.

Criston Smith said...

I love the chants! I came across one on you tube...

(tune of do wa ditty ditty dum ditty do)

Here we go getting ready for the hall
Thinking sh sh sh sh sh sh sh
We look good
we look fine
We can really make a line.
Here we go getting ready for the hall thinking sh sh sh sh shhhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

These are GREAT!! I had been hoping to find a cute chant. Thanks so much!!

Unknown said...

I have a cute one I use in my K room to the tune of if your happy and you know it...

Put your hand on your hip, on your hip.
Put your finger on your lip, on your lip.
Put your hand on your hip and your finger on your lip
And Zip, Zip, Zip.

Students get quieter with each Zip.

Candi said...

The kdg. teacher in my school does this one ( in just a chant)

Facing forward
Hands at your side
All set
(kids say) you bet
(teacher again) mixed up line
(kids say) peace sign (for peace and quiet) kids hold up peace signs

Debbie G :) said...

To the tune of "Row Row Row Your Boat:"
Hands hands to yourself,
Please don't touch the wall,
Single file, silent lips,
We're ready for the hall!

I didn't come up with it, but it works! K loves it, and the older kids get jealous because "we don't get to sing a line up song!" Seriously? You're in 8th grade...

Jenni said...

Thanks for sharing. These are going in the print for fall folder. I was looking for new line-up songs.

Anonymous said...

You might be surprised! I teach fourth grade and use chants as attention getters. My 5th graders loved them too!

victorvasylenko said...

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Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

I used a chant on a poster from Really Good Stuff. It works well! But I am tired of it after using it for several years, so I love these fresh new ideas.

I am making a book similar to the picture you posted and I would love to add some of my own personal favorites. May I ask where you got your border and fonts from? Especially the fonts used for the chant titles?


Unknown said...

We use:
Our hands are hanging by our sides
were standing straight and tall
our eyes are looking forward
were ready for the hall
time for outside
here we come!

NicolaLinton said...

1, 2 listen and do.
3, 4 face the door.
5, 6 finger on lips.
7, 8 make our line straight.
9, 10 let's begin.

1,2,3,4 everybody face the door.
5, 6, 7, 8 hurry up or we'll be late.

Shimmy shimmy coconut,
Shimmy shimmy try it.
Shimmy shimmy coconut,
Time to be quiet.

Line up, line up,
Use the quiet sign,
We're ready for the hall
And we're looking mighty fine.

These have worked well with my classes! :)

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