Valentine's Day Craft

This little tear art craft for Valentine's Day is not only fun/cute/easy, but of course it has a learning opportunity!  The students will learn about primary and secondary colors! They will even learn about what happens when you mix white with another color (white+red=pink: white+blue= light blue)! On any of the overlapping colors, the students need to tear that color to show what it would look like if the 2 colors mixed.  The printable is labeled so there is NO confusion. Thank you to my 1st grade team for doing this cute art activity!

{Click on the picture for the download}

A student's example
  • Construction paper {red, pink, yellow, blue, green, white (regular paper is fine), and light blue}
  • Glue

  • Have the students put the glue inside of their hearts instead of on their torn colored paper. It will go by a lot faster.
  • Have the students tear tiny pieces and start around the edges first.

If you have any art activities that you just LOVE to do in your classroom, let us know!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to make this craft activity with my class but i am trying access the template and it is reported as not found? Is there a way for it to be re-uploaded? Thanks!

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